I love music and building things...

Trapped inside my soul is the need to create. I have been driven by this need my entire life. From building model kits as a young boy to taking drafting and design in high school (although I was told I'd never use it) to finally building complete theaters as an adult, every stage of my life has prepared me to pursue this dream.

A dream whereby I can combine my love of music with the need to make art. Transforming the dream into reality has not been without struggle; teaching myself advanced mathematics and thermionic vacuum tube theory not withstanding. My amplifiers sound GREAT. I know this because I have been an "audiophile" for over 30 years (and former partner of a "high-end" audio salon for 15 years, selling everything from Cary Audio to Krell, Heritage Series Klipsch to Wilson Audio). The goal then was to build amplifiers that look as good as they sound. There are no shortage of critics on the internet (and elsewhere) that berate the idea of "audio jewelry", I beg to differ, "Pride in Ownership" is intensified when the object itself is beautiful. Much like a fine automobile my amplifiers invite the owner to "break-out the Turtle Wax" and lovingly interact with it. 

So, I offer to you, an amplifier that does justice to the music, completely hand-crafted in the U.S.A. by a single human being.


Mathew J. Formanek