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the music matters most.


This is what I believe...

I believe that a truly satisfying music system can be had without mortgaging your home. I believe that "minimalism" in circuit design is the path to musical truth. I believe that "Single-Ended Tube Audio" reveals the emotional content, or the "Essence" of music far better than any other Tube or Solid-State design. I believe that an amplifier should be more than a "Black Box", it should be a work of art to be proudly displayed. Additionally, I believe that "Tube Amplifiers" should not be shrouded in mysticism and create fear or apprehension to the uninitiated. Likewise, I believe that the ownership of a tube amplifier should not require an electrical engineering degree to operate. Therefore, ALL of my amplifiers DO NOT REQUIRE BIASING by the user, EVER. . It is my commitment to hand-build beautiful, "World-Class" Amplifiers, offer them at prices an enthusiast can afford, and back them with a Lifetime Warranty.